We empower activists to become the new champions of the global women’s movement. Our Advocacy in Practice workshops give young women and men the leadership and advocacy skills they need to advance sexual and reproductive rights at the national and global levels.

Since 2009, The International Women’s Healthcare Foundation (IWHF) has identified and mentored young people from around the world to advocate for national and global policies that further sexual and reproductive rights. Because engaging in international advocacy can be challenging, International Women’s Healthcare Foundation holds hands-on workshops to prepare young people for negotiations with UN diplomats and government officials.

Called Advocacy in Practice, these multi-day trainings involve deep learning and team building. Participants develop a common language to address sexual and reproductive health and rights, and use techniques such as role play to approach their government officials.

The Advocacy in Practice workshops are held before major meetings and regional conferences to enable participants to apply their advocacy skills. Advocates then return to their home countries better equipped to lobby their governments for policies in support of sexual and reproductive health and rights.