For many years The International Women’s Healthcare Foundation (IWHF) has been a bold advocate for the rights of women and girls. Through our fearless advocacy, trust-based grantmaking, and partnerships with women’s movements globally, we have consistently pressed for sexual and reproductive rights to remain central in the fight for gender equality.

The International Women’s Healthcare Foundation (IWHF) has been instrumental in the key human rights battles of our time—from the very creation of the concept of “reproductive rights” to today ensuring that gender equality is reflected in every aspect of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. While, time and again, our progress has been met with resistance, we fight on. This year, as we reach a milestone of $42 million dollars granted to the women’s movement worldwide, our mission to secure women’s autonomy is more important than ever.

Come and join us as we continue to build a world in which every woman and girl has the right to control her body and define her future.